Available for being used for 8000 hours“without being damaged”The maximum-tonnage excavator cylinder

2016-12-05 09:55

Recently,2016 the Eighth Session of China International Engineering Machinery,Construction Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Exposition (Bauma)was officially opened in Shanghai. Cylinder products of maximum-tonnagedomestic excavators exhibited by XCMG's enterprise of core parts - XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. have attracted lots of domestic and foreign audiences tostop to have a look, and it has become a highlight of the exhibition.

The maximum-tonnagedomestic excavator cylinder

“Boom-”,when boom sound of excavator begins in operation, a construction site inPilbara Region of Australia enters into a state of passion again. In this minearea which is near the equator, hot and dry and whose outdoor temperature isabove 37° all year round, an excavator of super-largetonnage has been conducting barrier-free operation for 8000 consecutive hours.It could achieve such an excellent performance due to the reason that in itsgiant body, there are hydraulic products from XCMG. “As for the time ofbarrier-free operation conducted by Chinese hydraulic cylinders, even someinternationally first-class products cannot achieve. The components and partsfrom XCMG are a ‘germ stone’ that we excavated from China.” This sentence madeby the equipment supervisor in Australian mine has showed his trust inhydraulic cylinder products of XCMG, and the “germ stone” he mentioned thistime refers to the excavator hydraulic cylinder that XCMG displays in the coreparts exhibition hall this time.

Excavator specialized model

Due to great difficulty in research and development and complex processing processand other characteristics, as well as quite bad working condition of the mainmachine, the excavator's cylinder has an extreme high requirement for bufferingand sealing performance, therefore, it is an important reference to measure thestrength of an enterprise of hydraulic components by whether it could produce cylindersof excavators or not (especially cylinders of large-tonnage excavators). Atpresent, there are quite a few enterprises which could produce cylinders ofmedium and large-tonnage excavators domestically. However, by virtue ofprofound background in producing hydraulic cylinders of several decades as wellas great investment in technologies and talents in recent years, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has conquered core technology of cylinders of excavators,and has established world-class processing and production lines, thus having achieved industrialization successfully. The boom cylinder ofsuper-large-tonnage excavator exhibited this time is just the cylinder ofmaximum-tonnage domestic excavator developed and manufactured by XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. in combination of existing technical basis and equipmentcapacity. As fist product for XCMG's core parts’ stepping into international mainstream, the application of a series of new materials, new technologies andnew processes has not only broken through technical bottleneck of cylinder ofsuper-large domestic excavators, but also won broad praise from domestic andforeign users of main machines.

It is known that, with issuance of the golden standard of “taking lead intechnology and available for use without being damaged”, XCMG has also putforward its objective requirement for re-aiming at and re-focusing on key coretechnologies and core components and parts. As a manufacturer of hydrauliccylinders leading in technologies, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has handed in asatisfactory answer sheet toward such standard with the performance of“available for use without being damaged” for 8000 hours. Breakthrough of coretechnologies of cylinder of excavator, has not only made the company grasp thecapacity for producing core components and parts of excavators, but also had animportant significance in Chinese enterprises' breaking foreign technicalmonopoly and realizing independent research and manufacturing of high-endhydraulic components.

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