XCMG has become USA Permco's sole designated manufacturing base of hydraulic cylinders in China

2016-11-02 15:39

Recently, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has signed long-term strategic cooperative agreement withUSA Permco, and has formally become its sole designated manufacturing base ofhydraulic cylinders in China. On the attestation ceremony, principals of bothenterprises unveiled the nameplate for cooperation jointly, and expressed thatthey hoped to achieve mutual development through further promoting and strengtheningstrategic cooperation.

XCMG has formally become USA Permco's sole designated manufacturing base of hydraulic cylinders in China

Establishedin 1964, USA Permco Company is a manufacturer of high-pressure gear pump, gearmotor, gear shunt, air pump, spraying machine and other relevant parts. As aworld-famous manufacturer of hydraulic components, Permco Company enjoys anextreme high reputation in the globe.

XCMG started to cooperate with Permo since 2014, and both parties conducted researchand production of hydraulic cylinders of dumpers jointly. In the two years,cooperative scope of both parties has expanded gradually, from the initial twoor three products to the six big series of products, total 22 products atpresent, as well as the 157, 196 and 129 series of products newly developed atpresent.

400-ton hydraulic cylinder of XCMG

Kiloton hydraulic cylinder of XCMG

Throug hindependent research and development as well as cooperation withinternationally famous brands, XCMG has constantly improved its R&D andmanufacturing capacity in hydraulic parts in recent years. 400-ton hydraulic cylindersindependently developed by XCMG have been exported to Australia, and have beensuccessfully assembled to large mining excavators in Australian mines. Inaddition, kiloton hydraulic cylinders “Big Mac” have also come into sale andhave achieved an excellent performance. This marks that XCMG's R&D andmanufacturing capacity for core parts of engineering machinery has reached worldleading level.

This time, XCMG has reached strategic cooperative partner relationship withinternationally famous supplier and realized combination of two strong powers,which on one hand symbolizes that core parts of XCMG has entered into abrand-new development stage, and on the other hand, it is believed that withfurther strengthening of cooperation of both parties, XCMG is sure to open anew pattern of international market of parts.

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