XCMG Hydraulics’ “Underground Dragons”Supportthe Construction of Cities along “the Belt and Road”

2017-09-15 11:34

Turkey,an important country along “the Belt and Road”, has a strong desire to revitalizethe ancient Silk Road with China. In recent years, both China and Turkey have gainedstrong momentum in economic and trade development. China has become the thirdlargest trading partner and the second largest import source of Turkey. Withthe continuous expansion of economic and trade cooperation between the twocountries, high-speed rail and subway construction becomes a new focus ofcooperation. It is in the territory of this close partner that the first batchof XCMG’s “underground dragons” is introduced!

Ceremony of export shipping of shield machinecylinders from XCMG Hydraulics

Agrand ceremony of the export shipping of shield machine cylinders produced byXCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. was held. The hydraulic cylinders, neatly rowed, gotrid of the past golden color and put on a “XCMG blue” coat designed for expertproducts. This batch could supply accessories for six shield machines and wasworth nearly RMB 10 million. The products would be exported to Turkey in bulkto support the construction of cities in Eastern Europe. This is the first timewhen the core components made by XCMG have been introduced to the centralregions of the “Belt and Road”.

The seearth pressure balance shield machine cylinders, each with a diameter of 6.6m,have a resounding nickname of “underground dragon”. What does it mean? ChenDengmin, general manager of XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd., had the answer.

In the construction of modern tunnels, shield machine, as large-scalesophisticated equipment, is known as a huge artificial pangolin. As a keyactuating component of shield machine, this batch of tailored hydrauliccylinders is comparably named “underground dragon”. relying onhigh reliabilityand the core technologies used to manufacture them, they are expected to be aspowerful as they name suggest and double the might of the machines they supportas they are used in the underground construction of the cities along the “Beltand Road”!

Have you ever imagined how the tunneling projects of subway, railway, road,municipal facilities, water and electricity construction are carried outquickly in the city scroll of bustling streets and steady flow of people? Infact, they are all inseparable from a powerful weapon used in urbanconstruction - shield machine. This batch of hydraulic cylinders, named “undergrounddragon”, are the most critical actuating components ofshield machines.

Due to frequent and continuous operations in tunnels, it is very difficult to replaceand maintain hydraulic cylinders. Therefore, such products have to meet unusuallyhigh requirements on reciprocating action, sealing performance, service life,safety and reliability, and stroke control accuracy.

After more than two months of operating conditions research, product design, processoptimization, manufacturing, test, and delivery, these “underground dragons”were finally made under the fast response and custom R&D model. A series ofcutting-edge technologies have been applied: built-in high-precisiondisplacement sensor to ensure synchronization of combined cylinders through digitalanalog transmission; unique ultrahigh pressure sealing system to ensure “zeroleakage” under harsh conditions; innovative guiding support technology make theproducts more resistant to partial load; intermediate frequency hardening basedand nickel-chromium composite coated outer circle of the rod has excellent wearresistance, anti-bump, and anti-corrosion performance...

XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has begun to expand into the external market since 2016,and in particular, it has made continuous breakthroughs in the high-end shieldmachinery and has established a good reputation for its quality and services.The export delivery of this batch not only represents the recognition of the productsby international shield machinery users, but also show the “leading technologyand long service life” of high-end core components made by XCMG.

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