XCMG Hydraulic High-end Shield Machine Cylinders Are Put into Construction of Shanghai Subway

2017-06-17 14:27

Recently, XCMGHydraulics Co., Ltd. has introduced its high-end shield machine hydrauliccylinders into the market. More than 100 sets of cylinders are ready to be usedin the underground construction of Shanghai, marking the entry of XCMG into thenew field of tunnel machinery accessories with a faster pace towards high endand diversification.

Shield machine cylinderis a key actuating component of shield machine, known as “a huge artificialpangolin” in modern tunnel construction, and it has always been used as animportance reference for its high-end features to measure the technical levelof a component manufacturing  enterprise. It is revealed that this batch ofshield machine cylinder with a diameter of 6.7m delivered by XCMG ismanufactured with many core innovative technologies including “ultra-highpressure sealing system”, “girth welding technology with micro clearance”, and “ sensorsecondary waterproofing” that make the cylinders more intelligent while beingreliable and be able to fully meet the operation needs of the host under specialconditions. To ensure timely delivery, the company set up an interdepartmentalcollaborative team composed of members from the marketing, technology andmanufacturing departments to customize the production. They increased theresponse speed, overcame a number of technical and technological problems, and establishedsound R&D processes and quality management program. They finished the taskwithin only 45 days and won high acclaim from the client. They fully proved theexcellent ability of XCMG to develop and customize hydraulic components in the high-endmarket.

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