The Fifth Batch of Hydraulic Cylinders for 360T Large Excavators Are Delivered

2017-03-02 10:03

 On February 15, theceremony of delivery of the fifth batch of hydraulic cylinders for 360T largeexcavators and the celebration of 360T mining excavator hydraulic cylinders fortrouble-free operation of 8,000h were held in XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd.

Smooth delivery of the fifth batch of hydrauliccylinders for 360T large excavators

 In the deliveryceremony, Zhang Lina, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of XCMGHydraulics Co., Ltd., delivered a speech, indicating that the hydrauliccylinders used in 360T large excavators have been operated in the company formore than two years and have consumed many manpower and material resources. Ourdiligent technical team even went to offer help at any site where a problem wasreported. Just a few months ago, the 360T mining excavator hydraulic cylinderswere highly praised by foreign customers for running 6,500h without trouble andmet the unanimous standards of foreign customers. Today, the number has beenincreased to 8,000h, and the praises for technology and services will only bemultiplied. Over the past two years, 64 pieces of hydraulic cylinders made byXCMG Hydraulics to be used in 360T large excavators have been delivered. Thisyear witnesses the delivery of the fifth batch. It is expected that this yearthe total shipping volume will reach up to 120, ultimately the sum of thevolumes during the past two years.

Smooth delivery of the fifth batch of hydrauliccylinders for 360T large excavators

 Manager Ren from the Australianmining area made the voices of customers heard at the ceremony. He said thatthis delivery ceremony marked the celebration of many problems overcome, wasthe first time the Chinese enterprise stood on the stage of history to competewith Komatsu, Carter and Hitachi, and reflected the product standard of XCMG,i.e. “leading technology and long service life”. He also indicated that thecooperation between his organization and XCMG would be elevated to the beststate after this delivery and that the long-term strategic cooperation over themost sophisticated products would be gradually improved. The superiorperformance of the hydraulic cylinders that kept them running for nearly 8,000hat 40 degrees Celsius was credited to the majority of staff and the technicalteam. He was proud that his company had world-class customers and was gratefulto the workers for their hard work.

 Under the context ofthe economic new normal, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. boosts the culture-driventransformation and upgrading of products management.“Products represent ourcharacter, while quality, life. We must defend high quality by maintaining zerodefect!” Such a cry for extreme quality is often heard in the company. As LiuQing, the deputy director of the Marketing Center, said at the ceremony, “Goodproducts speak.”The delivery of these hydraulic cylinders would help improvethe company’s image and further highlight the products we make with “leadingtechnology and long service life”. Deputy Director Liu promised to realize thehigh product and technology indicators as quickly as possible in 2017 andsincerely appreciated the production, technology and service teams of thecompany for their joint efforts.

 As the company hasquickened the pace towards the production of personalized, high-end and diversifiedproducts in recent years, its performance in different market segments confirmsthat the company has the ability to offer “complete set hydraulic solutions”.Chen Dengmin, general manager of the company, appreciated the opportunity thatManage Ren offered from Australia and the concerted efforts of the R&D,manufacturing, and technology teams that finally enabled the company to showits products and build a good China-made image on the international stage.However, compared with foreign advanced products, our products still have along way to go. In the future, a step-by-step and high standard strategy willbe implemented. We will work together and move forward to cover all thespectrum of high-end products and ultimately become a leading world-classenterprise.

Smooth delivery of the fifth batch of hydrauliccylinders for 360T large excavators

 XCMG Hydraulics Co.,Ltd. is based on XCMG to provide global service. Deputy Secretary Zhang Linafinally said that we could only prove ourselves by going out to compete withthe top rivals. At this great turning point of the construction machineryindustry, XCMG’s core components will forge competitiveness through theimplementation of new strategies and new tactics. We will seek driving forcesfrom new mechanisms and new models to make the component sector an advantageousone that occupies the commanding height of ore technology and differentiatedcompetition in the construction machinery industry. With a strong and powerful “Chinesecore”, we will show to the world more vitality of “Made in China”!

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