XCMG Hydraulics was honored “CMIIC2016” famous brand of parts and components

2016-12-23 16:55

At present, with China’s economy stepping into a new normal and the society entering into“Internet +” era, in order to achieve greater development, constructionmachinery enterprises should pay more attention to strengthening integration ofIT application with industrialization. On November 21, with the theme of “newnormal, new pattern and new performance”, “CMIIC2016” Construction MachineryIndustry Internet Conference & Grand Brand Meeting had its grand openingceremony. This grand brand meeting could be called as an “industrial-chainmeeting of thousands of people” in China Construction Machinery Industry. It isdifferent from pure off-line activities, and is a continuing “event” with aspan of time up to half a year. Through a series of online voting, investigation,expert review and many other links of strict control, high-quality brands ofthe industry are appraised and selected with fairness and justice, which willfurther promote deep integration of enterprises and internet, and play animportant role in actively promoting transformation and upgrading of industrialenterprises and leading healthy development of the industry.

XCMG washonored TOP 50 of famous brands of parts and components in CMIIC 2016 GrandBrand Meeting

Hundreds of people includingrelevant leaders from ministries and commissions of the state and industrialassociations and many industrial experts, enterprise elites and the masses ofusers and others have attended this conference, and they have jointly witnessedthe gorgeous opening ceremony of CMIIC2016 Construction Machinery IndustryInternet Conference & Grand Brand Meeting. Upon strict screening layer bylayer, it is in this meeting that XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. was honoredthe title of TOP 50 “famous brand of parts and components” in CMIIC2016.

Cup andcertificate of TOP 50 famous brand of parts and components

With astoundingadvances of China’s equipment manufacturing industry especially constructionmachinery industry, the industrial system is under constant strengthening andperfection as well. The capacity for technical innovation has been obviouslystrengthened and international status and influence of “made in China” havebeen obviously improved as well. However, if “made in China” really wants tobecome strong from being big, development of the industry of parts andcomponents closely related to the overall machines is also of vital importance.As for enterprises of parts and components, if making a curve by placing timeon the horizontal axis and placing business performance of enterprise on thevertical axis, then innovation and R&D are powerful magic weapons forenterprises to maintain in relevant highpoint and stand firmly in intensivemarket competition. Complying with industrial development trend, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. integrates various digital and information technologiesinto enterprise operation, and drives overall development of the industry ofparts and components in China by virtue of its own transformation andupgrading.

“HiddenChampion” which develops based on its accumulated strength and has made deepploughing in hydraulic field for more than forty years

Faced with solving thelast 10% problem of climbing to “Technical Mount Everest”, XCMG has alreadyaimed its R&D at technical breakthrough in core parts accumulated in theindustry in the past more than forty years, and has been equipped with manyinvention patents leading in the industry, more than one hundred of patents forutility models, and has dominated and participated in formulation of manynational and industrial standards. Products of the company are sold all overthe state, and are even exported to nearly more than twenty countries andregions including Europe, USA, Russia, Japan and so on in batches. Behind brilliantresults of main machines of construction machinery, port machinery,environmental machinery, coal mine machinery, marine equipment and otherindustries, there are performances of XCMG hydraulics’ concentrated cultivationin various specified market fields, and XCMG hydraulics has been graduallygrown into a “hidden champion” in shouldering the responsibility of leadingindustrial development of independent core parts and components.

“Hiddenchampion” which develops based on its accumulated strength and has made deepploughing in hydraulic field for more than forty years

As for hydraulictechnology, the first impression that people have is that it is efficient andreliable. The so-called “high-end construction machinery” lies in whether itadopts hydraulic components of high technology to a great degree. Faced withthe “mountain top” of “critical control technology of integration” which mustbe climbed over by diversified competition, in order to change the independentsupply-ensuring strategy of “three highs and one largeness” products intoreality, XCMG Hydraulics actively introduced AMCA mature technologies fromHolland, and comprehensively marched toward manufacturing field of high-endhydraulic valve products making use of its profound technical accumulation. Andthe representative high-end load-sensitive valve products that it developed haseffectively adhered to the design principles of integration and modularization;and upon identification of relevant scientific and technological department,this series of products have its own independent design patent, and couldreplace imported products completely. Meanwhile, as the domestic “Oligopoly” inthe field of large-tonnage hydraulic cylinders, on one hand, the company isequipped with 100% matching capacity for cylinders of all-terrain cranes at8-tonnage to kiloton level, and interlocking performance and response speed ofthe products have been fully praised by users of main machines, on the otherhand, the series of products of cylinders of large-tonnage excavators developedby the company have integrated numerous independent R&D achievements, andhave broken through bottleneck of critical technologies. The reputation thatits exported product is available for work without barriers for 8000consecutive hours has sufficiently proved that its level of developing partsand components of large-tonnage excavators of independent brand has beenimproved to a new stage. Aluminum alloy telescopic water pipe, hydrauliccylinder of shield tunneling machine, intelligent monitoring system ofhydraulic cylinders......successful development of a large batch of newproducts of extreme high technical content has filled up many domestictechnical blanks of high-end matching components; environmental sanitationmachinery, maritime equipment......successful matching in many fields haswitnessed constant explorations of core parts and components of XCMG on the wayof making independent “pioneering”.

“Hiddenchampion” which develops based on its accumulated strength and has made deepploughing in hydraulic field for more than forty years

Outperformthe general trend and struggle to be industrial “pattern-breaker” of high-endspare parts

“If to leap over highend and implement internationalized strategy, we must conquer core technologiesand high-end parts which support the brand development.” Li Suoyun, deputygeneral manager of XCMG has once made such a statement. Indeed, China’smanufacturing industry is faced with a new round of industrial upgrading,however, if to become a “pattern-breaker” of the industry of independent andhigh-end parts and components, “intelligent manufacturing + quality” is a quitevaluable “entrance ticket” for participating in international competition.

With awakening of theconcept of “intelligent manufacturing”, the company’s method of makingintelligent manufacturing based on automation and digitalization has beenapplied gradually. In 2014, the company’s “upgrading and intelligentreformation of technologies of core hydraulic components of constructionmachinery” was started synchronously, and XCMG made effective resourceintegration of core parts and components, conducted layout design andreformation upgrading in accordance with “11 lines, 6 units and 2 centers”according to types of matching products, introduced 135 sets of processing andwelding equipment including scraping burnishing machines, pass-type centrelessabrasive-belt fine-grading and polishing machines, special welding machines andother key machines, including 36 sets of imported equipment which are all at advancedworld level, has been equipped with the production capacity of 350,000 m ofnewly-increased hydraulic cylinders and 10,000 sets of valves (50,000 pieces),and applied a series of automatic manufacturing equipment and technologies andconstructed high-end digital R&D and manufacturing base, which has created favorableconditions for grasping key technologies of hydraulic components and makingindustrialized development. In order to realize automation, informatization andintelligence of manufacturing of hydraulic components, taking formal launchingof “Product Data Management (PDM) System” project as the chance, the companyhas raised a “data revolution” in research and development of products. Throughmaking comprehensive upgrading of treatment efficiency of data output, systemintegration, coordination management and R&D status of new products and soon, it breaks through the transmission channel between design data andproduction downstream, ensures accuracy, consistency and integrity of R&Ddata, avoids existence of “isolated data island” and truly opens a “big dataera” of R&D of core parts and components.

Outperformthe general trend and struggle to be industrial “pattern-breaker” of high-endspare parts

For constructionmachinery market and users, core value of brand lies in quality of products andservices. It is said in Huangdi’s Canonof Internal Medicine that: “make preventive treatment of diseases insteadof treating the occurred disease; making preventive management of chaos insteadof managing the occurred chaos.” XCMG Hydraulics just applied such thought of“making preventive treatment of diseases” in quality management, and throughimplementation of “C (Catch-surpass) plan”, “K6 quality engineering” and otherprojects, it made further quantification of appearance, performance, detailsand other multi-dimensional technical indices, and strengthened the three mainlines of product technology, manufacturing technology and control technology inthe landing form of tackling key problems of “hundred projects” subject, madecomprehensive improvement of quality level of hydraulic components andautomation, information and intelligence level of manufacturing of hydrauliccomponents, and created a comprehensive quality system of whole system, wholeprocess and whole staff. Meanwhile, In order to fully demonstrate advantageousmeasures for product innovation and value-added services of independent brandsand implement product differentiation sales strategy and integrated servicestrategy, the company proposed “3C” service concept of “super-valuecoordination, super-value accuracy and super-value value”, and while assistingthe users in understanding their own requirement and motivating their interestin cooperation through modern technical research and development andformulation of individualized scheme, the company has established perfectcommunication and service channels for clients by virtue of modern informationtechnical means, and realized vertical integration of information resource andservice resource through rapid R&D of products and rapid response ofservices, thus blowing the “Assembly Horn” of XCMG’s core parts’ marchingtoward international market.

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