Show sword in Bauma China 2016

2016-12-08 15:56

As a top-levelconstruction machinery industry conference, “Bauma China” (China InternationalConstruction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mining Machinery andEngineering Vehicle and Equipment Exposition) has not only displayed theproducts developed according to experience of Chinese users to the globe, butalso displayed the responsibility for promoting future development with thewill of science and technology, the foundation of wisdom and the spirit ofingenuity. In such a stage where global giants of construction machinerycompete with each other, as the leader in new industrial developmentorientation and trend in all previous exhibitions, XCMG has formally made thedeclaration of “making intelligent manufacturing for you with ingenuity”. Inorder to better interpret the theme, this time, except for organizing excellentcluster show of main machines, XCMG has also stunningly showed the “hidden champion”behind machinery equipment – product family of core parts.

“Intelligence,energy-saving and performance” are new engines of XCMG’s core parts products’starting the high-end pattern-breaking. “China’s construction machineryindustry has solved 90% of the difficulties, but the remaining 10% is the mostcrucial, which is like climbing the last several hundred of meters of the MountEverest which requires an integration of bigger strength and more financialresources, more wisdom and more talents.” In accurate accordance with the“theory of climbing to top of Mount Everest” proposed by Wang Min, who is thedirector and secretary of the party committee, XCMG has already started tolayout the chessboard of “ingenuity” of core parts. Including, as a spare-partsenterprise established in 1975, by virtue of concentrated ploughing for morethan ten years, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has constantly moved in thechessboard with high-end product R&D represented by intelligence,energy-saving and performance, which has not only made XCMG hydrauliccomponents spread all over the state but also exported to more than twentycountries and regions including Europe, USA, Russia, Japan and others inbatches, and show extraordinary performance within main machine bodies ofvarious global construction machinery, port machinery, environmental sanitationmachinery, coal mine machinery, marine equipment and so on, thus XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has become a “hidden champion” in leading industrialdevelopment of independent core parts.

Win by “wisdom” “valve” presenter of high-end pattern-breaking

With awakening of the concept of “intelligent manufacturing”, intelligent technologybased on automation and digitalization has also been greatly applied inmachinery manufacturing industry, which has not only further guaranteedstability of the product quality and improved operation efficiency, but alsoexpanded a new channel for getting rid of product homogeneity and improvingbrand value. It is just by making a keen grasp of such opportunity that XCMG aims its core parts R&D at manufacturing field of high-end hydrauliccomponents. With XCMG’s acquisition of the two European enterprises of HollandAMCA and German FT, as well as establishment of XCMG European Research Center,a whole-series hydraulic components R&D ecosphere of “global coordination +independent innovation” is coming into form gradually.

When entering a closed workshop of constant temperature after having dust removal inthe air shower room for 15 s, having machines resounding in the ears, there arequite a few operating staff when looking around despite of the busy productionscene, because here is equipped with an extreme high automatic productionlevel. Numerous sets of fine processing equipment have replaced most of thelaborers. The several master workers either polish the products carefully underlight of flashlight or make “auscultation” test of the products holdingdetecting a trance, you may feel that they are not producingindustrial products, but are carving artworks. And this is the production lineof high-end hydraulic components of XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd., on which thevarious hydraulic valve products exhibited on this exhibition are born.

In order toachieve comprehensive breakthrough in hydraulic field, in 2012, XCMG tooksuccessive measures by merging and acquiring two famous European hydraulicmanufacturing enterprises – Germany FT Company and Holland AMACA Company. Atthe same time, it has also established European R&D Center by investing 36million Euros, and focused on conquering hydraulic valve, pump, motor andintelligent control and other core components and key technologies. Under suchpowerful layout, XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. and Germany FT and Holland AMACA andEuropean Research Institute and others have formed a close cooperativerelationship of global coordination, mutual connection and mutual support, thusglowing with a powerful fighting capacity in conquering high-end core hydraulicparts. The electronic-control rotary cushion valve product exhibited this timeis just a great achievement from such R&D ecosphere.

As a quiteexperienced engineer in European Research Center, in order to solve the problemof swinging action of cranes, Dr. Feikaoin joined the “CES optimization” projectwhich is specially for the purpose of improving controllability, energy-savingperformance and stability”. How to realize upgrading of buffer action? Dr.Feikaoin has organized many video meetings, and in order to replace existingliquid-control scheme with mature electronic-control scheme, he has conductedheated debates with colleagues for many times. At last, active buffer functionof swinging action of cranes making use of one electro-hydraulic proportionaloverflow valve came into existence, and new-type electronic-control rotarybuffer valve has become more stable and smooth during the swinging process,which has steadily improved new breakthrough of product technologies of XCMG again.

Suchsimilar scenes of coordinative R&D have been widely spread in productgroups of XCMG hydraulic valves. Accomplishing processing 5 sets of valves, 2sets of assembly and 1 set of assembly test……this is the current R&D capacity of XCMG hydraulic valves CESproject team. The project is led by XCMG European Research Center incooperation with XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. and XCMG Research Institute, and has realized coordinated R&D by four partiesfor the first time, which has greatly improved XCMG’s hydraulic valve productswhether from cost, weight, response time and other product parameters or fromcontrollability, intelligence, smoothness and stability of movement and otherperformance indices. In the exhibition hall of XCMG’s core parts, the APV Mseries of load-sensitive multi-way valves and hand-operated direction valveswhich are customized and developed for world famous ship manufacturers andcould endure 250,000 times of impulse tests and 20,000 times of communicationtests, XSV series ofload-sensitive multi-way valves which could endure fault-free communicationimpulse for more than 1 million times, and APV series of multi-wayvalves which are of European blood lineage but manufactured intelligently inChina, all of which have reflected that XCMG’s hydraulic valve products winningby “wisdom” have become a “new triumph card” for “providers of solution ofhydraulic system in sets” in stepping toward the international.

Struggle to be “energy-saving”, and create “green passport”

Equipment manufacturingindustry is the development foundation of national economy, and is also animportant guarantee for upgrading and technical progress of various industries.In recent years, the machinery manufacturing industry in China has developedrapidly, the industrial system has been constantly strengthened and perfected,and the capacity for technical innovation has been strengthened obviously aswell, however, the problems of energy consumption and pollution have becomemore and more outstanding. Especially design andmanufacturing of main machines of construction machinery should take compliancewith requirement for environmental and ecological development into consideration,and development of environmental products has become a great trend of theindustry, which is sure to be applied in technology of more energy-savingparts. As first-class domestic parts enterprise, XCMG Hydraulics has beendevoted to accelerating R&D of products all the time, and it appliesweight-lightening technology in upgrading of hydraulic components, and tries toprovide the clients with more efficient and energy-saving hydraulic systemsolution and technical support.

“Asweight-lightening fist product developed by us with years of efforts, itsappearance is sure to further promote improvement of overall performance offire-fighting trucks. In the future, we will further promote weight-lighteningproducts of the third generation and the fourth generation, so as to bringabout a more ideal power-consumption performance of the complete machine.” Suchweight-lightening fist product mentioned by Zhang Qingshan who is chief productdesigner of XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd., is just the XCMG aluminum-alloytelescopic water pipe which showed its appearance in the Bauma this time. Thisproduct is the first that has appeared in China, and when the product wasdelivered at the very beginning, the clients were all shocked by theweight-lightening technology which could lift up products with single hand. Main-bodypart of the product adopts high-strength aluminum materials, and its weight hasbeen reduced 2/3 compared with that of regular stainless water pipe. Besides,through applying special surface treatment technology and supporting andorientating technology, it not only is of higher abrasive resistance andsurface hardness, has increased inclined loading proof capacity and improvedthe service life, but also has lowered power-consumption of main machines, andhas become moreconvenient and flexible, and has thoroughly gotten rid of the current statusthat domestic fire-fighting trucks need to rely on imported aluminum alloywater pipes.

Application of weight-lightening technology of parts is of crucialimportance to energy-saving performance of main machines. It is known that,various cranes, loaders, pump vehicles and other hydraulic cylinder productsdeveloped by XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. are all new energy-saving products whichare specially designed and manufactured by inheriting previous R&Dexperience and in accordance with construction characteristics of mainmachines. Through constantly strengthening structural optimization and analysisof weight-lightening application, and replacing traditional oil-cylindermaterials with high-intensive new materials, the company makes the productsequipped with good mechanics and processing properties, and makes theoverall-cylinder weight reduced more than 20% compared with regular products,thus leading development orientation of weight-lightening products in thefuture.

Meanwhile, the highvelocity oxy fuel spraying, electrolyte plasma polishing and otherremanufacturing technologies which are displayed in the exhibition hall ofspare parts this time are also crucial for creating “green passport”. Atpresent, remanufacturing industry is gradually becoming a new approach foractive exploration and trial of construction machinery industry as well as oneof the crucial technologies for developing the maximum residual value of XCMG core spare parts. In order to fully achieve value rebirth of products, thecompany focuses on researching crucial recovery technologies of remanufacturingand maintenance of hydraulic cylinders, has formed remanufacturing operationbusiness frame and technological research system, has been equipped with many conqueringand promotion and application achievements of special remanufacturing technologies,and winning the bidding of large-tonnage oil-cylinder remanufacturing projectsof large steel companies as well as winning maintenance orders of US imported cylindershave fully certified that the after-market has become another increase point ofthe company’s business.

Specify “core” to show “performance”, “available for use withoutbeing damaged” for 8000 hours

Since construction machinery equipment conducts outdoor environmental operation,faced with challenges of sand wind, moisture and other mal-conditions, there isalways a greater reliance on reliability of the products, and it can be saidthat, toward whichever trend the industrial technology develops, the product’sstability and reliability are the first principles to be adhered to, which arealso primary subjects faced by manufacturers of overall construction machineryas well as suppliers of its supporting spare parts. With issuance of the goldenstandard of “leading in technology and being available for use without beingdamaged”, XCMG has also proposed the objective requirements of re-aiming at andre-focusing on critical core technologies and core spare parts. As amanufacturer with leading technologies in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders,XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has handed in a satisfactory answer sheet to thisstandard with the performance of “available for use without being damaged” for8000 hours.

“Boom-”, when boomsound of excavator begins in operation, a construction site in Pilbara Regionof Australia enters into a state of passion again. In this mine area which isnear the equator, hot and dry and whose outdoor temperature is above 37° all year round, an excavator of super-large tonnage hasbeen conducting barrier-free operation for 8000 consecutive hours. It couldachieve such an excellent performance due to the reason that in its giant body,there are hydraulic products from XCMG. “As for the time of barrier-freeoperation conducted by Chinese hydraulic cylinders, even some internationallyfirst-class products cannot achieve. The components and parts from XCMG are a‘germ stone’ that we excavated from China.” This sentence made by the equipmentsupervisor in Australian mine has showed his trust in hydraulic cylinderproducts of XCMG, and the “germ stone” he mentioned this time refers to theexcavator hydraulic cylinder that XCMG displays in the core parts exhibitionhall this time. Due to great difficulty in research and development andcomplex processing process and other characteristics, as well as quite badworking condition of the main machine, the excavator’s cylinder always has anextreme high requirement for buffering and sealing performance, therefore, itis also called “crown” product in hydraulic cylinders, and the upgrading ofeach of its items would receive lots of concerns. The boom cylinder ofsuper-large-tonnage excavator exhibited this time is just the cylinder ofmaximum-tonnage domestic excavator developed and manufactured by XCMGHydraulics Co., Ltd. in combination with existing technical basis and equipmentcapacity. As fist product for XCMG’s core parts’ stepping into internationalmainstream, the application of a series of new materials, new technologies andnew processes has not only broken through technical bottleneck of cylinder ofsuper-large domestic excavators, but also won broad praise from domestic andforeign users of main machines, and has made another best interpretation of theproduct principle of “leading in technology and available for use without beingdamaged”.

Besides, the several“iron guys” of peculiar appearance in the exhibition hall has also constituted“travelling guns” on the chessboard of “ingenuity” of the “hiddenchampion”-XCMG: the three-cylinder sequence special flexible device which is assembledby three oil cylinders of similar appearance and jokingly called “triplets”,according to the hoisting characteristics of multi-level telescopic arms oflorry-mounted cranes and through overlay placement, it has not only greatlyimproved hoisting capacity of main machines, but also driven structuraloptimization and technical upgrading of lorry-mounted cranes; through 20 timesof scheme improvements and tests, the finally completed meso-positionself-locking, end self-locking and total-travel self-locking oil cylinders haveefficiently satisfied requirement of construction machinery for chassissteering, and have realized technical breakthrough in detection accuracy,response speed, service life of locking spare parts and many other aspects, andhas filled up the gap between service life and reliability of such domesticcomponents and that of imported products; the various craft piecesdemonstrating surface treatment technology, welding technology and raw-materialtechnology have provided stability and reliability of XCMG core spare partswith strong and powerful support, and has made basic technical study stand inthe medal podium of “available for use without being damaged”.

“Make deepploughing in hydraulic field with technical innovation, and win internationalcompetition with over-value service.” Though the adjustment pain brought by newnormal of China’s economy is still under way, XCMG core spare parts withcomplete “traveling guns” have blown the horn of returning of ingenuity. As aleader in Chinese high-end core parts, the “hidden champion”- XCMG, is sure toplay this high-end pattern-breaking “ingenuity chess” well with the tendency of“climbing to the peak of Mount Everest”. With Bauma China 2016 as a newstarting point, XCMG will step toward the whole world and demonstrate morebooming vitality of “made in China”.

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