Onlyadvanced production equipment can manufacture first-class products. XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in hydraulic cylinder R&D andmanufacture for more than 40 years and possesses 600 sets of specializedadvanced hydraulic cylinder production and testing equipment, of them, morethan 150 sets of international advanced critical CNC equipment are introducedfrom America, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. It exerts itself inproducing boom hydraulic oil cylinders with difficult production technology andhigh safety coefficient. At present, we have become the largest hydrauliccylinder manufacturer among domestic manufacturers producing the same type ofproduct.

Currently,our comprehensive production capacity is hydraulic oil cylinders in totallength of 500000m annually, 3000 sets of hydraulic systems, 1.3 millionhydraulic hoses, 1.5 million metal rigid tubes and 5000 multi-way valves.

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