Briefintroduction to remanufacturing

Remanufacturingis the highest form of obsolete product recycling. Based on traditional repair,a series of remanufacturing technologies are used to renew obsolete productinto remanufactured product with the quality the same as that of new product,even fully restore obsolete product or upgrade its performance.

Remanufacturing serviceconcept

Throughrapid development in recent years, services of XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. arenot only pre-sales consulting for products and after-sales maintenance butall-round perfect services to clients in the full life of the products. How tomaximize client value and put it in the first place has become importantdisplay of enterprise brand value and image.

XCMG Hydraulics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to realizesustainable development by improving post-market and service and starts withfull life period of the clients to enhance value of the entire industrialchain.

Compared with new products, the remanufactured products have:

  • The same appearance;

  • The same performance;

  • The same reliability;

  • The same durability;

  • The same after-sales service;

  • At different prices.


Utilization Scope and Flowof Remanufacturing Service

Weare dedicated to provide remanufacturing services to hydraulic oil cylinder,hydraulic valve, rigid tube and hose as well as hydraulic system.Remanufacturing products conform to EXW standards for new products.

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