Technical  Team

Our technology center enhances R&D relying on XCMG national technology center and postdoctoral research station, EU-ChinaResearch Centre and Netherland AMCA Company, complete and efficient corporate R&D system. Currently our technology center has more than 100 R&D engineers, including 1 tip-top talent of Xuzhou City, 2 persons recognized as provincial “333 High-level Talent CultivationObject” and “Six Talent Peaks Project” cultivation object, and 2 XCMG technical experts; 2 researcher-level senior engineers, 5 senior engineers and more than 30 intermediate engineers, or 21 persons with Master’s Degree and 97 persons with Bachelor’s Degree. The company attaches importanceto the cultivation of R&D personnel all the time, updates knowledge andconcept by on-the-job postgraduate continuing education, professional training,overseas investigation, technical exchange and so on to adapt to the company’scontinuous development and expansion, and has formed a realistic and pragmatic,innovative and ambitious R&D team. The company introduced one hydrauliccylinder expert from Japan for 3-year technical guidance, carries out industry-university-research activities with University of Scienceand Technology of China(USTC), University of Shanghai forScience and Technology (USST), Jilin University(JLU)and soon, and undertakes municipal, provincial and national R&D projects, and ourR&D personnel have strong development ability and ample R&D management experiences, leading in the hydraulic industry.

R&D  methods

Application of finite element analysis method

To avoid dependency on design experience, reduce design errorrate, improve product reliability, the finite element analysis method isadopted at the design phase of our products to simulate rigidity, strength,stability and modal characteristics of varied parts and the complete set ofhydraulic cylinder in working conditions close to reality so as to learn staticand dynamic features of the oil cylinder and to reduce cost & optimizedesign.

IPR whole-flow management in R&D process

Integrate IRP into the traditional R&D management flow; makefull use of patent and literature database to search related technologiesbefore project initiation, in R&D process and before sales so as to evadeinfringement risk, enhance product technical threshold and shorten the designperiod.


PDM product data management platform

To realize uniform management of R&D basic data, R&D team&resources and R&D flow, our company initiated the product data managementsystem (PDM) project at the end of 2014. The system was officially started inJuly 2015. Our company currently has implemented PDM management in an all-roundway. A parallel collaborative R&D environment is established in our companyby the system functions of drawings & documents management, materialmanagement, product management, flow management, project management andcollaborative office.

CDS R&D design platform

Make use of CDS oil cylinder rapid design system to realize rapiddesign and assembly; and it is favorable for realizing design parameterization,serialization and modularization of the hydraulic cylinder. This system hashydraulic cylinder rapid query module, standard parts module, sealing partsmodule, series parts module, parameterized framework module, rapid outputmodule, etc and can realize rapid call, automatic assembly, parts replacement,parameterized drive and automatic output of models.

Leverage on AMCA, FT and European R&D Center

Fully exert Holland AMCA, FT, European R&D center and otherR&D platforms to strengthen technical exchange and cooperation and improvesynergic R&D effect. Provide technical support and training; achievetechnical transfer. Establish a smooth alignment channel for new designs andprocesses for exchange of needed resources and resource sharing. Make use ofEuropean high quality resources and domestication cost advantages to realizequality assurance and cost advantage.

Rely on R&D advantages of XCMG Research Institute and state key labs

With help of XCMG Research Institute, we develop high endconstruction machinery pumps, valves and motors rapidly by cooperation andenrich product clusters of hydraulic components of our company. Meanwhile, wemake full use of the state key lab of XCMG Research Institute where multipletesting equipment for hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves as well asadvanced testing technical level and conditions are available to facilitatetesting of products of our company.


Testing  Facilities


See main equipment in our lab and theirapplications below.

     2P/2F test stand: it is mainly used for fatigue test of excavatoroil cylinder and applies to oil cylinder of 13-70t excavator or to 2P, 2F testof other oil cylinders.

     Test stand for simulation working conditions of excavator: it ismainly used for reliability test of XWMG 21t excavator oil cylinder, bufferperformance test and working condition simulation test.

     Test stand of semi-physical simulation of dump truck: it iscurrently used for EXW test and reliability test of dump truck.

     Test stand of arm pin of large-tonnage extended arm oil cylinder:external load test of pin of the large-tonnage extended arm oil cylinder head,simulation telescopic movement test of cylinder pin, simulation movement testof arm pin, coordinating movement (interlocking)test ofcylinder arm pin

     Central rotary joint test stand: it is mainly used for EXW test,reliability test and type test of the central rotary joint of excavator.

     Test stand for plating of hydraulic cylinder of excavators: it ismainly used for adhesion test for plating of oil cylinder piston rod of theexcavator or for adhesion test for plating of other oil cylinders.


So far, the company has owned 143patents such as crane hydraulic cylinder, excavator hydraulic cylinder andcrawler crane hydraulic cylinder, inclusive of 9 patents for invention. Thecompany has presided and participated in the formulation and revision of 3national standards and 4 industrial standards such as GB/T 11718-2013 Hydraulic Cylinder: Technical Conditions ofCylinder Barrel and JB/T 10205 HydraulicCylinders. Since 2009, 35 kinds of products have been recognized as “Newand High-tech Product of Jiangsu Province”, 6 kinds of products have beenrecognized as “New and High-tech Product of Xuzhou City”, 5 kinds of productshave won the second and third prizes of “Excellent New Product of ChineseHydraulic Pneumatic Sealing Element Industry”, 10 kinds of products have wonthe second and third prizes of “Technical Advance Award of Hydraulic PneumaticSealing Industry”, 8 kinds of R&D products have won the first, second andthird prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the JiangsuMachinery Industry, 10 kinds of products have won the excellent prize of NewPatented Product of the Jiangsu Equipment Manufacturing Industry, and 2 kindsof products have won the gold prize of New Patented Product of the JiangsuEquipment Manufacturing Industry. Thereof QAY500t all-terrain crane six-cylindertension pin interlock oil cylinder won the gold prize of “New Patented ProductAward of Jiangsu Province” , and was incorporated into “2010 Annual NationalKey New Product Program”. R&D product based on “Key Technology Study andApplication of Highly Reliable Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Cylinder” wonthe first prize of “Huaihai Award for Science and Technology”, and 5 kinds ofproducts won the second and third prizes of Scientific and TechnologicalProgress Award of Xuzhou City. Through the implementation of a lot of projects,the company has owned some proprietary technologies in hydraulic cylinderdesign and process, significantly improving product reliability and leading inthe field of similar products at home.

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